Safe and Pest-less Summer with Modern Pest Services’

Safe and Pest-less Summer with Modern Pest Services’

We are looking forward to the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend and welcoming our first house guests for the summer.  In preparation for the outdoor Memorial Day barbeque and yard games, we wanted to make sure we had our Modern Pest Service scheduled ahead of time.  We could not have been more pleased with the outdoor treatment service received from Modern Pest.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the Behind the Scenes with you.  Now, we can enjoy these beautiful Maine summer nights, pest-less, on our back deck.

Setting up the appointment for the Home Care Organic service could not have been any easier.  The Modern Pest team called to schedule an appointment that works best with your busy schedule.  When the technician, Al arrived at our home, he could not have been sweeter and more knowledgable, not even just about the service we were having completed but also our natural living environment.  We did a complete walk-through of our property and he went over the areas they would be treating and how. Al answered all of my questions and I was super pleased at how experienced he was.  I feel rest assured in the safe Modern Pest Services’ HomeCare Organic Pest Control formula.  The USDA National Organic Program regulations-approved compounds are biodegradable and won’t build up in the environment, so we can be safe inside without taking a toll on the environment.

Our property, while sitting close to the coast, is also very wooded and full of dense Maine pine and birch. That’s Maine for ya!  We had already begun to notice the summer pests coming out and hearing about the presence of a lot of ticks so early in the season.  Not treating our property was not an option for the summer!

During the walk-through I outlined the areas we would be spending most of our time in and where Pippa likes to play. Al showed me where the mosquitos usually reside and also where to look out for ticks.  He also showed me areas they would not spray due to natural habitats.  He did such a thorough job, I was super impressed.  I learned a thing or two about our new Maine landscape.

Now as we head into the big holiday weekend, we can sit back and enjoy our yard and for the many weekends to come this summer!  Modern Pest Services offer on-going summer visits and I could not recommend more.

The best part!  Summer Sweepstakes! Modern Pest wants to keep you and your family safe this summer season!   All you have to do is … to enter to win a $500 gift card to build your ultimate outdoor living room and have the best summer yet with Modern Pest.  All you have to do to enter is go to to enter. Rules & regulations apply.

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